Grow your business with Eyowo Capital

Eyowo Capital provides you with access to low interest and no collateral loans to grow your business.

Business finance to help you grow

We are here to help you succeed. No matter the type of business or size of business; Eyowo Capital provides you with the resources you need to take your business from zero to hero.

What can you do with Eyowo Business?

  • Low-interest Rates

    Enjoy interest rates of about 5% for a loan tenure of 12 months.

  • No collateral required

    ReqAccess up-to 1 million Naira for your business with no collateral, no stress, no delay.

  • No hidden fees

    With Eyowo Capital, there are no hidden fees, charges or surprises. You pay one flat interest fee. This fee never changes.

  • No application or closing fees

    Need to put some money aside? Save cash on your own terms and watch your money grow.

  • Free business consultation and mentoring

    Eyowo Capital doesn’t offer you just a loan. We truly help you grow your business by guiding you towards achieving your goals.

Seamless Payment Experiences

  • Eyowo QR

    Scan. Pay. Go. It’s super fast.

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