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Easiest way to receive payments

Receive payments on the go, in-store and across multiple branches with just a phone number.

With Eyowo, your customers can now pay you with just a phone number. It doesn’t matter if you are online or offline.

Get paid instantly and directly via a customized USSD code. All your customer needs to do is dial * 4255 * Your-Unique-Code * Amount * Customer-PIN # e.g * 4255 * 25 * 1000 * 654321 #

For Business

Boost your Reach

List your business on our ‘Nearby’ feature for everyone on Eyowo to learn more about your customized USSD menu, products and sales points.

Seamless single and group payments

Make payments with ease to bank accounts and phone numbers, all from one central interface.
Payments to your partners, staff and supplier can now be simplified and scheduled.
Pay all your business bills and send airtime to multiple phone numbers without hassles.

Instant reconciliation and seamless reporting

Track all payments you make and receive. Eyowo allows you filter and search for specific transactions.
Generating reports and managing all your transactions is now so convenient and fast.
Reconcile all transactions and payments with ease.

Experience Eyowo On Mobile

Take Eyowo with you. Download Eyowo For Everyone, For Business and For Kiosk on the App Store and on Google Play Store.