Why you should trust Eyowo

Why you should trust Eyowo

Nov 18, 2019

2 mins

Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

Eyowo is safe, secure, and convenient for you.

Do you know someone who has sworn to never make an online payment?

Such people don’t add their card details on any online store or streaming platform. And yes, they have their reasons for never doing so.

My Dad still goes to the bank to send me money because he doesn’t trust online banking,” 21-year-old undergraduate, Kachi told me with a smile.

I recently caught up with an old friend of mine who gisted me about her Mom.

“She refused to get an ATM card after someone forwarded a Whatsapp broadcast message warning her about people’s ATM card details get stolen and their monies disappear,” Nneka recounted.

For a bank providing financial services to anyone using just your phone number, we have thought about all the possible security threats and here’s what we have done.

Why you should trust us

Securing your money and personal information is one duty we will never shy away from.

We use cutting-edge technology to protect your credentials. We have also ensured that we comply with a lot of international standards that guide how things work.

Eyowo is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and here are some steps we have taken to ensure Eyowo is safe for you:

PCI-DSS certified

We are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certified. This means we comply with industry standards required to handle card information.

When you enter your card details on Eyowo, every provided information is encrypted before being sent to our servers using an HTTPS connection, this ensures your information cannot be intercepted.

256-bit data encryption

Every time a user interacts with our platform, the communication is hashed and encrypted a hundred percent ensuring nobody on our side can see what the user is doing.

Two-factor authentication

As an extra level of protection for your identity and transactions, we provide a multiple layer authentication system on your account activity.

This is to help protect your account from cybercriminals and hackers.

You have a role to play

Do you know there is something common about recent hacks across the world?

In a lot of cases, hacks across the world are not as a result of compromised systems. Most times, users are actually the ones who are compromised.

As we make it impossible for our systems to be compromised, we also don’t want our users to be compromised. This is why we will keep educating you on how to keep your Eyowo account secured.

If you notice any unusual transactions or activity on your account, please call us on 01-7001520 or send us a message across any of our social media platforms and we will respond to you swiftly.

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