How to save on Eyowo with your debit card

How to save on Eyowo with your debit card

Mar 18, 2020

2 mins

Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

Did you know Eyowo Savings offers you the best interest rates in town? At 17% and 13% interest per annum for the Fixed and Recurring savings plans respectively, we have got something that works perfectly for you. Saving on Eyowo is an easy, simple and brilliant decision to make.


Before now, the only way you could add money to your safe was from your funded Eyowo account.

We are pleased to inform you that you now have an alternative method of adding money to your Eyowo Safes - your debit cards. Our safe funding via debit card options accepts Mastercard, Verve, and Visa cards.

Even when your account isn’t funded, you can now automatically add money to your Eyowo Safe from your debit cards. You can set your auto-debits to daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

To connect your debit card to your Safe, the card must have previously been added to your Eyowo account.

If you are yet to add a card to your account. Just follow these steps:

  • Tap on More.
  • Select Debit cards.
  • Tap on Add Card.
  • Enter your card information.
  • Now, tap on the Proceed button.
  • Verify card ownership.

Congratulations, you just added your debit card successfully.

Now, you can go ahead to create a new safe and select the added card as a payment method.

Wondering how to do this? Come and take a look.

  • Tap on Save.
  • Now, tap on Create Safe.
  • Select what you are saving for.
  • Choose a plan.
  • Tap on Continue.

At this point, you are almost done. Just a few more things to tick off. Let’s go:

  • Name your safe
  • Enter the amount you want to save and tap on Next
  • Indicate if you want to earn a savings interest or not.
  • Select duration
  • Choose how you want your interest paid.
  • Tap on Next

Great! We have gotten to the point where you choose your payment method. You can either fund your safe from your Eyowo account or existing cards.

  • Select the payment method
  • Review your safe details
  • Tap on Create Safe

Congratulations, you just created a new Safe and successfully funded it with your preferred payment method.

If you have an existing recurring safe and you wish to change the funding method, it is pretty straightforward.

Let me show you how to go about it.

  • Tap on Save.
  • Tap on the existing safe.
  • Tap the menu button at the top-right and select Edit Safe
  • Tap on the Safe funding method.
  • Now, you can choose your preferred payment method.
  • Tap on Confirm
  • Now, tap on Save at the top-right.

Yeah, that’s it! You can always go back to change your preferred payment method at any time.

What other changes or improvements would you love to see on your Eyowo saving plans? Trust me, we are taking notes.

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