How to buy or top-up your data bundle on Eyowo

How to buy or top-up your data bundle on Eyowo

Mar 09, 2020

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Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

Buying or topping-up your data bundle on Eyowo is now so seamless

If you have been using Eyowo for your day-to-day transactions, you must have realized how easy and instant it is to buy airtime from any network of your choice. You may have also noticed you can also send airtime to any other phone number from Eyowo.

Do you know what’s actually crazy? We live in a time where it is hard to imagine a world without our internet-enabled phones or devices. This means that we are almost always subscribed to one internet data bundle or the other.

Loading your phone with airtime through Eyowo is seamless and lightning-fast but we realized you needed to leave the Eyowo app to buy data from your internet service providers. That’s not so cool and we decided to change that for good.

Now, you can buy or top-up any data bundle of your choice with just a few taps.

Just launch your **Eyowo app **and make sure it is updated. Now, do the following:

  • Tap on Buy airtime & data
  • Tap on the Data toggle button
  • Select the internet service provider.

If you are buying a data bundle for your Eyowo number, just tap on Buy for self.

  • Select data plan
  • You will see the amount you will be charged.

* If you are buying a data bundle for another phone number, enter the phone number or select one from your phonebook.

  • Review the phone number.
  • To proceed, tap on Buy Data.

That’s it! Renewing your internet subscription shouldn’t be a tough puzzle after all.

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