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Getting Started On Eyowo

Aug 06, 2018

1 min

Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

Eyowo provides an easy, convenient and secure way to make and receive payments whether online or offline.

Eyowo provides an easy, convenient and secure way to make and receive payments whether online or offline. Everyone who has an active phone number in Nigeria can now make or receive payments.

For Personal Use

  • Request payments from or make payments to anyone on your phone-book while chatting. Payments can also be authorized through a secure six-digit PIN, a Face ID or a Touch ID.
  • Fund your Eyowo wallet from your debit/credit card, bank deposits or other Eyowo users or agent.
  • Add new beneficiaries and send money from Eyowo to your bank.
  • Pay for utility bills such as electricity, Cable TV and other subscriptions seamlessly.
  • Load airtime instantly on your phone.

Getting started is simple. Download the Eyowo app (on Play Store or App Store) and follow the instructions.


If you are not connected to the internet or you don’t own a smartphone or you simply prefer using USSD for transactions, simply dial *4255# and follow the prompts.

Eyowo is fast and widely accessible as it requires no registration or paperwork, all you need is an active phone number.

Your credit or debit card details will never be shared with anyone, this reduces the risks for user and ensures privacy.

For Business

Eyowo offers businesses and their customers a seamless platform through which they can accept and make payments respectively.

With just an active phone number, you can now:

  • Receive payments instantly when you use the Eyowo Till app to bill your customers.

  • Monitor the inflow of cash from all your tills as presented in a well-organized, detailed and structured dashboard.

  • Deploy the Eyowo Till app to avoid settlement delays and connectivity issues associated with existing infrastructures like P.O.S terminals.

  • Get a customized USSD code through which you can receive payments on your phone number.

Now, your customers no longer have to carry cash around or worry about the slow and hectic process usually witnessed when trying to resolve PoS dispense errors.

Eyowo has flexible features which accommodate simple or complex business models. Our services are currently available across Nigeria.

Eyowo is free for users or merchants who wish to accept payments using the Till app.

If you have got any questions, contact us directly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.