An update on our bank transfer charges

An update on our bank transfer charges

Jan 30, 2020

1 min

Augustine Ogwo

Augustine Ogwo

UPDATE: New Bank Transfer Charges on Eyowo

In line with the recent CBN directive on electronic transfers and bank charges, Eyowo has since reviewed its fees for bank transfers.

You may not have heard of the CBN directive but we are sure you already know that sending money to any phone number through Eyowo is FREE 😉.

When you must make a bank transfer, Eyowo will now charge as low as ₦10.50 but never more than ₦52.50.

The exact amount you will be charged for a bank transfer is dependent on the value of the transaction.

Now, let’s break it down:

* The bank transfer charges listed above are inclusive of a 5% value-added tax.

Don’t forget that with Eyowo, you can send any amount to any phone number at ₦0.00. Yeah, for absolutely nothing!

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call 017001520. You can also reach out to us via social media.

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